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Teens & Alcoholism

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According to studies, half of American teens under the age of 20 and above the age of 12 have tried alcohol once or twice in their young adolescent lives or even more.

Teens and Alcoholism can be risky to today’s youth as it may result in accidents, violent behaviors, alcohol poisoning and other health problems.

Though we may want to think that alcoholic drinks are for fully-grown men or adults, we should be aware of the truth that our teenagers drink more often than we expect.

Why do teenagers take alcoholic drinks?

Sometimes, we as adults dismiss teenage alcohol drinking as a straightforward act of probably youthful rebellion. You will be amazed to find out that the reason most teenagers drink is more complicated than you think. Below are two important reasons 

  1. The pressure to fit in amongst peers is one reason why teenagers drink at first. Teenagers often get the feeling that every other teenager out there is having alcohol, no thanks to the popular culture of the day, which has TV programs and films portraying teenagers with alcohol.
  2. Some teenagers drink to distract themselves from the worries of life. Puberty may be responsible for this kind of drinking habit as it is a tough time and the adolescent might think that drinking could be a way to cope.

Effects of adolescent intoxication

Adolescents often feel invincible and think that they can do anything. However, adolescent intoxication or underage drinking tends to be detrimental to the health and overall well-being of young people.

Adolescent intoxication often has long term and short-term effects. Short-term effects of underage drinking may include;

  • Bad breath
  • Bad skin
  • Weight gain

The long-term effects of adolescent intoxication are the damaging effect on the brain. The adolescent stage is an important stage in brain development.

According to the 2009 Chief Medical Officer, there have been concerns associated with underage binge drinking.

Some of these concerns are the damaging effects of heavy drinking on individuals less than 20 years, which are abnormalities in brain areas that deals with motivation, reasoning and interpersonal interactions.

Alcohol also lowers inhibitions in teenagers and makes it more likely for them to take risky decisions like having unprotected sex and getting into fights.

When someone especially a teen takes a lot of alcohol in a short time, alcoholic poisoning is inevitable. Alcohol poisoning is when the level of alcohol in the body gets so high and interferes with the brain’s functionality like the balance of speech and affects nerves that control heartbeat and body temperature. When these functionalities are intercepted, it leads to a condition known as hyperthermia.

Alcohol poisoning can also tamper with gag reflexes, which might cause an individual choking to death while vomiting.

Another dangerous effect of heavy alcohol drinking is liver damage. When teenagers begin to drink alcohol more often, they are damaging their liver even without knowing it.

The signs of liver damage do not show immediately as it takes years to manifest.

Adolescent intoxication may also lead to vulnerability and is a link to connect users with other hard drugs.

However, if you are a teen with an alcoholism problem, all hope is not lost. Here at Addiction Killers, we are ready to help get you started with the process of alcoholism treatment and save you from alcohol abuse at one of our specialized clinics.

Alcoholism treatment

Helping teenagers to abstain from alcohol is not an easy task even though it seems easy. In fact, if the case is severe, it might be dangerous.

There are numerous rehab centers across the country where a victim of underage drinking can get help and get back their lives but due to the many cases of alcohol abuse and rehabilitation in America, getting in touch with these organizations can be much of a challenge.

Well, it doesn’t have to be so anymore. At Addiction Killers, you have the chance to have a direct contact with experts on alcohol treatment without wasting much time and passing through stressful procedures.

Our sole aim is to help our clients get treatment and help from their alcoholic issues as quick as possible.

At Addiction Killers, we give teenagers hope and making sure that they are just a call away from their alcohol addiction and abuse. To get started with us, give us a call toll free at 1-877-799-6254 someone is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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