Recovery Direct Addiction Treatment Centre

Recovery Direct is an upmarket rehabilitation and trauma treatment centre located in the heart of Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.

We offer specialised non-punitive rehabilitation solutions to patients who suffer from substance abuse, eating disorders, executive burn-out, sex  / porn addiction, compulsive gambling, trauma and co-morbid conditions like anxiety and depression

Recovery Directs treatment protocol was developed by Vaughan Parkhurst, a leading trauma specialist in the country. His insight into the relationship between trauma and substance use disorders is the cornerstone on which Recovery Directs approach is based. This sought-after rehab facility offers the ideal retreat with a range of interrelated treatment services including residential in-patient treatment, out-patient treatment and a continuum of care.

The appreciative therapy model is traditionally used in organisations to facilitate positive change in therapy. In treatment, patients are taught to ground themselves in self-determined changes in negative or self-destructive behaviour, allowing them to better fulfil their work and life obligations through self-actualisation.

Most rehab centres in South Africa treat addiction symptomatically, advocating the 12-Step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Recovery Direct focuses on identifying the core trauma that resulted in the present self-destructive behaviour.

Recovery Direct specialises in dealing with working professionals who suffer from executive burn out, chronic stress and substance abuse. Both in-patient and out-patient treatment programmes offers unprecedented care and interaction with a team of councillors as well as a robust after-care programme. This is a more exclusive, luxury rehab in Cape Town focused on meeting the needs of a number of high-profile clients who would benefit from life coaching and career management.

The facility is secluded in the lush suburbs of Constantia, boasting large open plan lounges, a pool and recreation area and a number of private on-suite rooms. A resident chef ensures patients enjoy wholesome, nutritious food. Patients are allowed to keep their phones on them and continue their work responsibilities from the treatment centre if applicable. 


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